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Teacher Wish Lists

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Ms. Mandy Graves-Hilliard

Ms. Jill Douds

Ms. Lauren Lochel



Ms. Kim Barkley

Ms. Susanne Mercado

Ms. Susan Sims

Ms. Holly Therrell

Ms. Jennifer Thompson

Ms. Alexandra White




First Grade

Ms. Molly Blum

Ms. Cassidy Kuhns

Ms. Katie Richardson

Ms. Bianca Stark

Ms. Nikki Taddeo




Second Grade

Ms. Nichole Blackwell

Ms. Deborah Houston

Ms. Kara Huntley

Ms. Stacie Stewart

Ms. Laura Whitley

Ms. Nicole Will



Third Grade
Ms. Lauren Kirby (Byerly)

Ms. Stacey Hea

Ms. Megan Lee

Ms. Meredith Remley

Ms. Georgia Welborn




Fourth Grade

Ms. Lisa Albaugh

Ms. Mary Beth Bobo

Ms. Andrea Drake

Ms. Jeannine Jones

Ms. Morgan Midkiff

Ms. Madison Patterson

Ms. Alyssa Thompson




Fifth Grade

Ms. Cari Dillard

Ms. Katie Harris

Mr. Mike Lucas

Ms. Charlene McCorn

Ms. Marie Murray

Ms. Madison Tomsheck

Ms. Danielle Uhlenhake



Intervention and Special Education
Ms. Charlotte Carroll 

4th/5th grade Gifted and Talented Math & ELA teacher

Ms. Jennifer Haines 

Special Education Teacher

Ms. Mia Heard

Reading and Math Interventionist

Ms. Anna Marks

Reading Recovery and Intervention

Ms. April Paulk

Reading and Math Interventionist

Ms. Rene Philpott

Special Education Teacher

Ms. Tracy Simpson

Reading Recovery and Intervention

Ms. Kaylin Staub

Special Education Teacher

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